Your Detroit reading list, Mr. President

Memo to President Barack Obama:

The City of Detroit is 'Ground Zero' in the campaign to rebuild America.

At least that's what the Detroit Free Press says as they press for your commitment to attend a June summit dedicated to accelerating the nation's economic transition.

I hope you consider the invitation. Detroit is down but likely not out. And if we can solve the failing schools, high taxes, hatred and segregation, depopulation, political corruption and other fundamental challenges that plague that city, we surely can solve any problem in the Union.

So since you seem to be a working man - Blackberry in pocket, newspaper under arm and briefcase in hand - I've gathered here a small collection of recent writings on Detroit - the good, the bad and the possible.

Perhaps you'll find time for reading on the short flight to Michigan from D.C.

The City Where the Sirens Never Sleep by Matt Labash, The Weekly Standard

Detroiters Carry on Amid All the Hardship by Mitch Albom, Detroit Free Press (Reprinted from SI)

If We Rebuilt War-Torn Europe...Why Not Detroit by Larry Gabriel, Metro Times

New Detroit: A Radical Vision of the World's Greenest Big City by Craig Ruff, Dome Magazine

Hey Mitch: Detroit Primed to Play More than Defense by Jim Boyle, Model D

Respectfully submitted,

Andy Guy