Verlander vs. Morneau

Don't game. But this is tempting. By the way, in the real world, pundits say .500 baseball takes the Central Division in 2010.

Kiss in Cadillac

Bob Young in Grand Rapids, MI put it best: "Bet this scared the bejezzus out of the locals!"

Produced by ESPN Outside the Lines

Romney on Letterman

Born and raised in metro Detroit, Mitt Romney is a strong ambassador for Motor City. Although I wonder how he'd interview with Leno. That gear head might push the conversation beyond the color of the car.

Dream of Youngstown Part 1 by Sean Posey

Defend Youngstown founder Phil Kidd:

"This is for the next generation"

Dream of Youngstown Part 2 by Sean Posey

There are no more blast furnaces to incinerate the dreams according to Youngstown artist Chris Yambar...

"We don't have the blast furnaces anymore. We do have the dreams. All we have to do is rip them outta the sky and make them real. That requires focus."