MKE mobility movement in a minute

Milwaukee is considering several transformational transportation projects, perhaps more initiatives than any Great Lakes city at this time save Chicago. Thanks to the Journal Sentinel for compiling this useful summary. The accompanying article reports on some of the politics surrounding the region's pursuit of modern mobility.

Carville's words work...

This short clip doesn't do justice to James Carville's extensive comments on Anderson Cooper's Friday night broadcast. But it's good game film for Great Lakes restoration advocates to study. Carville delivered a genuine, reasoned, compelling and urgent message about the need for action to save the Gulf's environment, economy and culture. He killed the Oval Office with kindness.

Minneapolis pedals past Portland

Minneapolis finished first in Bicycle Magazines Top 50 Bike Friendly (U.S.) Cities.

But Milwaukee, Cleveland, Grand Rapids, Rochester and several other Great Lakes metros made the list.

Here's a video from Streetfilms that highlights the Major Bike Mojo in Minneapolis...