Where there's hope...

Historian Kevin Boyle and Changing Gears compiled an abridged history of supposed Midwest magic bullets, "those quick tickets to jobs and economic prosperity."
  1. Seize on one key industry to grow (detroit = automobile)
  2. Build shiny new landmark (Flint = AutoWorld)
  3. The great event (Chicago = Olympics)
  4. Urban renewal

Are you ready for some ...

Barry Sanders! ESPN had the former running back intro Monday Night Football with a statement about the Lions and the City of Detroit.

Resetting the Cleveland waterfront

In an interview with Civic Commons, Cleveland Plain Dealer Architecture Critic Steven Litt explains the hope for a new day on the Cleveland waterfront...
"For the first time in recent history, the Port [Authority] is accepting responsibility not only for the lakefront but for the river, and realizing that the positive forces of economic development in The Flats can't be unleashed until the big infrastructure problems are solved."