Obama, Oberstar and Ehlers: The Transit Trio

The hardcore transit activists are bouncing off the walls because President Obama failed to mention "transit" in his latest economic speeches.

But it's too early to worry.

Rank and file Democrats like Minnesota Congressman Jim Oberstar are calling for historic investment in "light rail," among other modes.

And pro-public transit Republicans like Michigan Congressman Vern Ehlers tend to support reasonable proposals.

The bipartisan duo also happen to have a history of partnering on future-oriented policy and investment.

As luck would have it, they're also both members of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, which has the words "light rail" plastered all over its website.

What's more, Obama hails from Chicago, a city where transit is fundamental to daily life.

So some promising pieces seem to be in place for transportation innovation. But vigilance no doubt is required. Change is not easy and typically slow.