Nearly one third of the people in Michigan do not understand what the heck 'renewable energy' is. But they want more of it. That's the result of a new study published by Michigan State University.

The key findings of the 2007 Energy Consumer Survey include:

  • 92% of residents are concerned about the cost of energy and its effect on the household budget.
  • More than 40% of residents are considering home improvements to reduce energy costs.
  • The majority of residents support government action to stimulate the development and use of renewable and alternative energy sources.
  • Michigan residents "overwhelmingly believe" the planet's climate is warming and that's a major problem.
For those 3+ million Michigananders scratching their heads, the diagram at right illustrates the components of a turbine turned by the wind to generate renewable energy. The video posted yesterday - see below - features a black chunk of coal, a nonrenewable energy source.