Clinton's Conservative Car Contest

Campaigning in the State of Washington, almost as far away from Detroit as she could be while still standing on American soil, Senator Hillary Clinton today called for a "contest" to see who can develop the most advanced fuel efficient automobile.

"The internal combustion engine we have today is basically the same thing that was put in the Model T," the Senator said. "It's just a little supped up."

That's an exagerration. And something of a slap in the face to all that Detroit and Michigan have done for the country.

But, at the same time, the Senator''s comments carried a legit point. The lull in innovation in the Midwest, particularly on the automotive assembly line, now hampers the nation's ability to evolve the economy, safeguard the environment, and chart a more sustainable course. We need a modern day Henry Ford.

The question is whether Sen. Clinton will make that case, and offer serious solutions over games, while campaigning in the Heartland.