What did your city do last week?

Chicago killed it. A snapshot of recent city building action:

Friday (February 24) - Purchased 100 locally manufactured cops cars from the Torrence Avenue Ford Plant. Commited to buy 400 more. "The single largest order ever for the Ford Interceptor."

Saturday - Announced "the largest public housing redevelopment effort in the history of the United States." 

Monday - Directed $11 million to support the growth of women- and minority-owned business.

Tuesday - Announced five new schools focused exclusively on tech skills and career readiness. 

Wednesday - Unveiled forward looking Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs. Also announced agreement to retire two coal-fired power plants.

Thursday - Joined with President Clinton and announced the Chicago Infrastructure Trust to invest more than $200 million in energy efficiency, generate 2,000 jobs and save taxpayers some $20 million annually.

Friday -  Announced $25,000 signing bonuses to recruit top performing principals to under-performing schools. Also annnounced the City website is available in 64 languages.