Big ideas for downtown Madison

The draft Downtown Plan (PDF) for Madison, WI recommends 10 'big ideas' to focus on for the next 25 years:
  1. Reconnect downtown to Lake Mendota and Lake Monona
  2. Establish building standards that maintain "dramatic" and "postcard" views of the skyline and Capitol
  3. Build a new transportation center near Monona Terrace
  4. Improve transportation connections to, through and around downtown
  5. Promote sustainability via higher building density, mixed use and multi-modal transportation
  6. Strengthen the identity of individual neighborhoods and districts
  7. Embrace the preservation of historic structures
  8. Identify large sites for redevelopment and infill and adopt policies that stimulate investment there
  9. Reenergize the Mifflin area
  10. Transform an underutilized downtown block into a 1.75 acre public park