Detroit in prime time

Wheater or not you like ABC's Detroit 1-8-7 (Really, how do you top The Wire?) it's interesting to watch Hollywood grapple with important themes of the the city's story.

The idea of shrinking a city as large as Detroit has attracted attention from the NY Times, Time and the UK's Daily Telegraph. But the controversial debate went prime time 13m 30s into 1-8-7's third episode as Sergeant Longford and Detective Mahajan drove past city's ruins:

Longford: Sometimes I wonder if it wouldn't be better to get rid of some of these old neighborhoods. Shrink the city limits and start over with a better plan.

Mahajan: How can you say that, man. I mean, look at these houses. Some are so historic.

Personally, I will continue watching with anticipation that these sleuths might solve the puzzling case of Tamara Greene. If Fitch can't do it, really who can? (Besides maybe Jimmy McNulty)