Oil oopsies

BP's Gulf of Mexico oil fail began with a (preventable?) explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig.

Endbridge's Kalamazoo River oil fail stemmed from a lengthwise rip in a (deteriorating?) length of pipeline.

Now the boys in Mercer County, PA are just casually pumping the crude directly into the waterway.

One result of all these "spills" and "accidents" is the Foes of Frackin and Fossil Fuels turning up the rhetoric in the Great Lakes State.

Jim Olson, one of the Midwest's leading environmental attorneys, warns Michigan is at risk of becoming the Water Plunderland without a more cautious approach to natural gas extraction.

And the state chapter of Clean Water Action launched the Countdown to Catastrophe campaign to ban drilling in the Great Lakes.

"The Countdown" seems a bit sensational. But so does the continuing pattern of inexplicable fuel follies (BP again) slowing restoration of American waterways.