McCain's Appeal to Greatness

Senator John McCain reinvented his position on the Iraq war, paid vague attention to the strategic importance of energy innovation, and glossed over the nation's troubling economic issues in a speech last night claiming the Republican nomination to pursue the presidency

But, in one brief instance, he delivered some motivational words seemingly tailor made to lift up the down-and-out attitude of hopelessness now consuming an American Heartland that's hesitant to evolve it politics, economy, and culture for a globalized world.

His version of buck-up-inspirational speak no doubt rings true with the growing crowd of engaged citizens who know not only what the greater Great Lakes did for the nation in the past, but perhaps more importantly what the region is capable of doing in the future - with the right leadership.

"We are the captains of our fate. We're not a country that prefers nostalgia to optimism; a country that would rather go back than forward. We're the world's leader, and leaders don't pine for the past and dread the future. We make the future better than the past. We don't hide from history. We make history."