Back to the Future in Michigan

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm didn't exactly break new intellectual ground today in her brief speech to WIRED West Michigan, a group of civic leaders working to diversify the regional economy for the Digital Age.

But when you're the head of a state temporarily blinded by economic upheaval and entrenched ideologies, you have to continually repeat your message so the slower folks can come to understand it.

So in talk after talk Gov. Granholm reminds people that, in order to remain relevant in the 21st century, the state needs unprecedented investment in the skills of its people and its quality of life.

Do that, she said, and Michigan will be well positioned to play in the global economy. She summarized her speech with an inspiring sound bit scribbled on the chalk board outside the venue where she spoke:

"Innovation is Michigan's history but - even more importantly - innovation is Michigan's destiny."