Waukegan Tests Popular Support For Harbor Cleanup

Changing course in their ongoing strategy to rehab Waukegan Harbor, elevate quality of life, and boost competitiveness in the knowledge economy, civic leaders in Waukegan, IL recently launched a lawsuit to force several long-standing waterfront industries to pay for pollution cleanup in the harbor.

The move comes after local and federal officials failed to reach agreement on a $36 million plan to remove contaminated sediments from the harbor bottom. But so far the new tact, which is based on bedrock environmental law, appears out of step with public opinion. The Lake County News-Sun organized an online poll asking readers whether the city should have filed the lawsuit and the overwhelming response is 'No.'

At this point, more than 11,200 people have cast a vote and a convincing 92 percent - 10, 435 online voters - think the lawsuit is a bad idea.