Michigan Discovers Still More Wind, Maybe

When it rains it pours. Or, in light of the promising alternative energy news coming out of Michigan this week, the wind blows trade.

After years of unsuccessful lobbying to build ritzy homes on the shores of Lake Michigan, a sand mining company has scrapped that plan and decided to look into building a wind farm instead. Nugent Sand recently received permission to erect two towers to measure wind speeds and determine if the site is in fact suitable to generate wind-driven energy, according to a report in yesterday's Muskegon Chronicle.

The company's consultant has little doubt. "We're virtually certain we'll have enough wind," Tim Langenberg told the Norton Shores City Council Tuesday.

There is good reason not to get too excited yet. With at least a year of monitoring planned, according to the Chronicle report, the proposal has a long ways to go. The company initially is only considereing one, maybe two, turbines. And some neighbors are sure to fight Nugent's plans, as the company is not typically viewed in a positive light among some vocal locals.

But one more Michigan businessman sees economic opportunity where the wind blows. And the news continues to pump momentum into the state's lagging alternative energy debate.