Wind Work in Ohio

A substantial national investment in wind energy could bring as many as 13,000 jobs to Ohio, according to a new report released by Environment Ohio.

In addition to reenergizing the entreprenurial spirit and manufacturing might of the greater Great Lakes region - indeed, the very heart of the United States of America - a national wind project could also promote the country's energy independence from terrorist regimes, protect air quality, and revitalize rural areas as farmers lease land to energy providers.

The challenge is to muster the political will and leadership - on both the regional and national stage - to advance the ideas of the 21st century rather than subsidize and perpetuate the problematic patterns of the past.

Everytime the nation has jumped to a new energy source - from wood to coal to oil to nuclear power - the country has experienced real corresponding economic gains in efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Given its history and know-how when it comes to energy production (and consumption), the Great Lakes region is uniquely positioned to lead the way in the development of sustainable energy technologies and build the energy platform for the future.

East Toledo, in fact, is competing for a $11.5 million federal grant to become America's first test site for wind turbine blades, according to a report by Tom Henry in today's Toledo Blade.