What does Detroit...

...need in the next 5 years? Light rail. Light rail. Light rail.

Vid via producer Tom Hendrickson and Model D - Happy 5th!

Superior streets make sense

Complete Streets legislation passed unanimously out of the Michigan House Transportation Committee this morning. Now on to the Senate.

Thanks to Let's Save Michigan for the vid.

What is Minneapolis doing...

... that Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland and countless other Great Lakes cities aren't?

This graphic was part of a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel package exploring the link between talent and competitiveness. The investigative report includes audio clips of insights from twenty-somethings, several options for action offered by experts and numerous pages of interesting reader reaction.

USA in your Chevrolet

What? No clip of Bob Seger singing "Out in the backseat of my 60 Chevy..." Shame on you NBC.

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