Get smart or be poor

The editorial in today's Detroit Free Press, and the accompanying chart below, makes the case that highly educated people are important to achieve a highly prosperous place.

Nail on the head. And the fact that the Press felt compelled to opine on such obvious matters is yet another signal that Michigan isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Report: People need wind turbine education

The latest report from Michigan's Public Service Commission says some residents fear wind turbines will drive down nearby property values, make people crazy and kill birds and bats. Fortunately flora and fauna generally will go unaffected, the report finds.

$2.6 Billion for Midwest Rail

The Obama Administration today announced $8 billion to expand passenger rail in America. Sadly, investment in high-speed (200+ miles per hour) service for the Midwest is limited.

Click map for larger version.

Click here (PDF) for the full list of rail projects.

Yet another nickname for Ohio

Governor Strickland in his 2010 State of the State speech proclaimed Ohio's status as America's Energy Gateway. It was fun while it lasted Buckeye State, Birthplace of Aviation, Mother of Presidents and Heart of It All.

Back to the Post-Auto-Industry Future

After four governors, countless economic development schemes and speeches, skyrocketing unemployment, persistent declining incomes, and the complete collapse of the largest corporation on the planet, Michigan still hasn't "begun to explore what the new economy is going to look like."

We Want Wind. We Want Wind.

If we're keeping score on Facebook....

People Against the Lake Michigan Wind Farm 1,342

People Who Favor It 2,845

This video looks like a deposition broadcast from the county jail house. Still, the leader of Team Build Baby Build explains why, in his view, the wind project is good, not bad.

Rolling the rock in the Rust Belt

What does the high concentration of bowling alleys in the Midwest mean? Probably nothing. But maybe something. Check out an analysis from the guys at FloatingSheep.

Against the Wind

The image above is a graphic representation of the wind farm Scandia Wind proposes to build off the eastern coast of Lake Michigan.

Developers say the project would generate much-needed jobs and hasten the Great Lakes region's emergence as America's renewable Energy King.

Opponents contend the project will wreck the lakeshore's natural scenery, one of Michigan's strongest natural assets. They are organizing as the People Against the Lake Michigan Wind Farm.

Meetings tonight - in the Shelby High School auditorium - and tomorrow will no doubt be well attended and interesting.

The Muskegon Chronicle's Brian McVicar reported on the debate last Friday.